Dough and Behold - a Blog is Born!

The life of a twenty something newlywed…. plan wedding shower, attend wedding shower, and repeat. Bridal showers, couples showers, baby showers, engagement parties, bachelorette parties and everything in between. But what happens from the initial email saying, “Let’s plan a shower for [insert name of college roommate from first semester sophomore year]!” and actually enjoying a cocktail at said party? We’ll tell you what - an email train 47 pages long and nine bridesmaids deep, the development of a nervous tick at the word “plan,” and an increasing list of frenemies. The truth is, we love our friends and we love our parties! It’s the merging of the two (along with everyone’s ideas and differences of opinion) in a way that’s fun, classy and worthy of Grandma’s Facebook album that can prove to be a struggle.

Enter Leah McGarry and Jacquelyn Henion: two freakishly organized newlyweds who happen to have it all figured out. Leah’s background in obsessively analyzing details like party menus and décor pairs perfectly with Jacquelyn’s assertion that desserts are meant for the eyes just as much as the mouth. We have to admit, we not only plan perfect showers, but we love doing it. So after years of co-hosting and hours of back and forth with fellow co-hosts, it struck us that what the world of wedding was missing was a shower-planning tool, and who better to create it?

We all want to win the Bridesmaid-of-the-Year award, but what we want more is to be stress-free and have fun during our friends’ “moment.” We created Sweet & Sour Showers to help you enjoy the Sweet while we take care of the Sour. On the blog you will find party-planning ideas, tips, tutorials and photos, as well as tools to create menus and budgets for your own party. All baked goods and party favors featured on the blog are available for purchase upon request. If you don’t find what you are looking for on our blog or you are not the DIY-er, please contact us for our full service options.

So that’s our story. We’re not saying we can fully prevent Bridesmaid 4 from complaining to Bridesmaid 6 about Bridesmaid 1 only offering to bring chips and salsa. But we do think we have some really cute ideas that Bridesmaids 1, 4 and 6 can all agree on. Be sure to click the follow button to keep up with all of our ideas and yummy treats and minimize your shower-planning woes!