Bridal Shower Games

When you’re the lone hostess for a bridal shower, planning games for the guests to play might be the last thing on your mind in between trips to the grocery store and Party City.   Therefore, we don’t believe that games are a MUST at every shower.

However, you can’t go wrong with a couple simple activities to keep your guests engaged.  So, if you’ve got some hostesses, see if you can divvy up tasks and organize some of our favorites.

The Newlywed Game
A classic at showers, this is where you ask the groom some questions about the bride before the shower.  Then ask the bride the same questions at the shower and see if their answers match.  

We like to include some “negative” questions assuming the groom only has nice things to say or that it will make the game funnier.  We’re not expecting to set the grounds for early divorce. 
For example, Justin was asked to name his least favorite thing Leah wears... 

At least it wasn't the tablecloth dress - Leah really likes that one.

Here are some questions we’ve used in the past: 
  • What is your fiance's favorite TV show?
  • What is your fiance's favorite dessert?
  • What did your fiance want to be when she grew up?
  • What would your fiance say is her most embarrassing moment?
  • What is your favorite outfit that your fiance wears?
  • What is your least favorite thing that your fiance wears?
  • What is your fiance’s most irritating habit?
  • What was your fiance wearing on your first date?
  • What did your fiance give you for your most recent gift-giving occasion?
  • What is the worst thing your fiance has ever cooked for you?
  • What is the best thing your fiance has ever cooked for you?
  • Where did you first see your fiance?
  • Where did you first kiss?
  • What is your favorite quality about your fiance?
  • If stranded on an island, what is the one thing your fiance could not live without?

Memory Game
We first saw this game at our friend Ruthie’s bridal shower.  She left the room and returned wearing an apron donned with all kinds of gadgets and kitchen tools, like a whisk and measuring spoons.  After a minute or so, she left the room. Then we were told that we needed to name as many items as we could that were on the apron.  Since we didn’t know this was a memory game, many of us were oblivious, but it was fun wracking our brains to try to name all the items.


Where will you be in 5 years?
Another fun game is asking the bride questions about where she sees herself and her future hubby in 5 years.  Questions might be about more serious topics including her career, where they will live or how many children they will have.  Or you can definitely have more fun with it by asking questions about who will be doing the cooking or how many times a week they will go out to eat.  At Ruthie’s shower, our favorite question was, “Will you be wearing lingerie or sweats to bed?”  (We won’t reveal her answer, but bless her very optimistic little heart.)  Assuming your friendship can stand the test of time, make sure to dig up the answers 5 years later and see how her predictions held up.

Never underestimate the power of the Hugh Hefner hoodie...

Guess That Limb
This is probably our favorite game for a couples shower.  We first saw this at our friends’ Ryan and Sarah’s shower and have recreated it a few times since.  First, you will blindfold the bride and ask several of the male guests to line up, preferably wearing shorts or with their jeans rolled up.  Then you will have the bride feel each leg and guess which one belongs to her future husband.  Similarly, you can then blindfold the groom and have him guess which arm belongs to his bride.  This game is pretty hilarious, especially when the bride or groom guesses wrong, and it’s great for involving all the guests.

That list of shower games should keep you pretty busy, but tell us – what are some of your favorite shower games?  Or do you prefer not to have games at all?

Happy Planning,
Sweet and Sour Showers