Our Favorite Shower Invitation Sites

All you party planners out there know the drill – the invitation sets the tone for any event. But where do you go to find the perfect invitation that doesn’t break the bank? Here are a few sites we’ve used and our opinions about what works and what doesn’t.

1. Wedding Paper Divas is one of the best known invitation sites for wedding-related events, and it’s one of our favorites.

What we like:
  • Reviews are typically spot-on
  • Quality is never a disappointment. (No one wants a limp invite!)
  • WPD allows you to purchase your invites in small increments, so you don’t have to buy 20 extra invitations just in case the bride decides she may want to invite her boss’s boss.
  • We feel like we can’t say enough good things about this site but here’s one more: WPD offers many customization options, even allowing you to choose custom colors. We highly recommend!
  • Bonus: when you order samples, you typically get a $20 coupon in the mail. They also offer deals for first-time customers when you sign up on their site.
What you may not like:
  • The sheer quantity of invitations to choose from can be mind-boggling, but if you’re like us, you’ll enjoy pouring through hundreds of choices in all their categories.

2. We recently used Polka Dot Design to purchase invites for a monogram-themed shower (future post in the works!).
Pearls & Bow Ties

What we like:
  • The search field works really well, and they do a good job of grouping shower invites by theme.
  • We had a question about the postage required for the invites we selected, and customer service wrote back almost instantly.
  • Shipping was unbelievably fast.
What you may not like:
  • There aren’t as many filtering options for narrowing down the choices.
  • We found that these invitations were a bit pricier than other sites, but we were very pleased with both the service and quality.
  • We wish the site offered reviews of the invitations.

3. Zazzle has its own invitation division called Celebrate it Invites.

Brown & Pink Vines
What we like:
  • Several color combinations offered on a lot of their designs.
  • Prices are very reasonable.
  • They personalize just about everything you can think of, including postage stamps, which is a cute option for your shower or wedding invites and Save the Dates.

What you may not like:
  • Searching their site can be a bit more cumbersome, but they do try to group the invites by category (damask, floral, etc.)

4. Invitation Consultants is another good option. We have not yet used the site for an actual purchase, but we have perused many times.
What we like:
  • The site allows you to filter your search by theme or price.

What you may not like:
  • Their site has no reviews
  • Their invites tend to be on the pricier side.

Don’t find anything you like? There are also websites out there that allow you to have a more active role in the design of your own invitation, such as VistaPrint, which is easy to use and very affordable.  If you’re the more creative type, this could be a great option for creating unique invitations with coordinating items like thank you notes, photo cards or stamps. You can even create your own invites in Microsoft Word. 

A quick hint – no matter where you decide to purchase, always do a quick Google search for coupon codes. You never know where you might find a free shipping discount or a percentage off. Many sites also offer deals for first-time customers when you sign up for their newsletters.

What sites have you used to purchase invitations?  Tell us what you think about them! 

Happy Planning,
Sweet & Sour Showers