Paper Rosettes

We love DIY when it’s cheap and easy (who doesn’t)? But as much as we admire our craftier friends, sometimes we’d rather zone out on the couch and watch The Bachelor. Well, we stumbled upon this project while looking for decorating tips for our Engagement Brunch. We thought "hey, here's a DIY project that is not only cheap and easy, but we can drink wine and watch hours of reality TV while we work on it!"  Besides being able to make fun of TV personalities while we fold paper, it also really adds that something special to your party!
How cute are these?

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And you can use them so many different ways!

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All you need to begin is:

  • Paper of any shape, size or color. Just remember that you will be folding this paper so it shouldn’t be too thick, but should have some weight to it. Scrapbook paper is fun, but solid colors work great too.
  • Double sided tape
  • Scissors
  • A hole punch and ribbon if you are hanging them
Here’s how it’s done

1. Fold your sheet of paper accordion style. You don’t need to measure each fold as long as you try to keep them about the same. ¾ inch is a good size fold.

2. Fold the accordion in half length-wise and tape.

3. Repeat this step with 2 or 3 more sheets of paper, then tape them all together. The number of pieces of paper you will need for one rosette depends on the thickness of your paper (and your patience), so use your judgment.

There are all sorts of ways to change the size and shape of these so get creative. Trim the edges to make them more flowery or make larger accordion folds – you decide!

Would you use paper rosettes at your party? What are some homemade decorations you've tried?

Happy Planning,
Sweet and Sour Showers