Bachelorette Party Games

So you’ve got the food covered for your bachelorette party weekend, but what about entertainment?  You don’t necessarily have to create a military style timeline and pack the weekend full of activities, but a few games are always a good idea to get everyone comfortable with each other – especially with a mixed group.

Here are some of our favorites, ranging from “We can play this with Grandma!” to “I’ll kill you if you put these pictures on Facebook.”   

Know Your Bride
If you are the bride’s sister or BFF, it may not be fair for you to play this game, but it makes you the perfect person for creating the questions.  Think of it as a trivia game based around your guest of honor.  A good mix of easy and difficult questions will keep everyone involved and won’t make the newer friends feel like a$$holes for not knowing the bride as well. 

Some ideas:
  • What is the bride’s favorite food?
  • Where did the bride and her fiance’ go on their first date?
  • When is the bride’s birthday?
  • What is the bride’s middle name?
  • Name the bride’s siblings.
  • What was the bride’s high school mascot?
  • What was the bride’s first job?
  • Who was the bride’s first boyfriend?
  • Who is your bride’s #1 Hollywood crush?
Movie Quotes
For a simple and very PG-rated game you could simply search for some movie quotes from some of your bride’s favorite movies, or even just popular girlie movies, and have the girls guess what movie the quote came from.   We could personally act out every scene from both Clueless and Mean Girls, so this type of game would definitely help to give strangers some common ground.

On Wednesdays we wear pink.  (Source: Flixster)

Would You Rather?
WYR is a great game where you pose a disturbing either/or question to the other girls and see what the group consensus is.  “Would You Rather” comes in a store-bought version, or you can of course challenge everyone to make up their own questions that are more relatable to the group.  (The store-bought game can also be gross.  Not dirty gross, more like make-you-gag gross.)  


Dirty Bananagrams
Bananagrams is one of our favorite games, played by the standard rules or with our minds in the gutter.  It’s like Scrabble, but you are creating your own Scrabble board.  The catch here is that you can only use dirty words, but sometimes this can be quite the stretch.  Sometimes justifying your dirty words is funnier than reading the legit ones.

Pin the Macho on the Man
Although we aren’t die-hard supporters of the pen15 décor, there are some fun games to incorporate into your girls weekend.  One of our favorites is Pin the Macho on the Man.  It’s obviously the same premise as pin the tail on the donkey, except with phallic shaped stickers.  We also had some fun replacing the face of the poster… 

Yep, Mr. Henion himself


This is a game that is more suited post-4-glasses-of-wine.  It involves double underwear.  Confused yet?  Yep, these undies have 4 leg holes.  We chose to take advantage of this relatively useless invention by having two girls climb into each pair and race down a hallway.  Mature?  No.  Great pictures?  Yes.

It's the 3-legged race of the 21st century

Banana Ring Toss
Here’s a different one.  Purchase an inflatable banana (shockingly, a Google search will turn up several results) and simply play ring toss.   We may not be huge fans of sports, but this is pretty hilar.


Dare Cards
No bachelorette party is complete without embarrassing the bride to be! What we like about this game is you can make it as tame or as wild as the group wants to get. Dare cards can be purchased or you can have the girls all throw in a few dares. We've chosen not to post any of our dare game pictures here - what happens at the bachelorette stays at the bachelorette!


All in all your weekend will run smoothly as long as you have ways for less acquainted guests to get friendlier.  Keep the booze flowing, and your party will be a hit no matter what.

What are some of your favorite bachelorette party games?

Happy Planning,
Sweet & Sour Showers