Bridal Shower Invitation Etiquette

With shower season fast approaching, we thought we'd offer up some tried and true advice today for the very first step in throwing any shower - he invitation. 

1. Don’t be afraid to stray from the bride’s colors.  Just because your bride may have selected obnoxious shades of orange and pink for her wedding doesn’t mean you have to spend the next year staring at those colors.  Use the shower as an opportunity to branch out with other themes, colors or styles.  

We used yellow and gray for an engagement brunch just because we love the combo

2.  Do join the 21st century.  If you want people to actually RSVP, provide an email address – not a phone number.  Why would you actually want to TALK to a perfect stranger when you can easily send a note in cyberspace and avoid the potential awkwardness?  By the way, we’re not saying this will make people actually respond – and don’t even get us started on that one - but it’s a step in the right direction.

3.  Don’t list out 30 hostesses. 
  When it comes to planning showers, some people might think the more the merrier, but we beg to differ.  Working with a huge group of girls to plan a cohesive event can be very challenging, and subsequently listing all 30 names on the invites tends to take away from the guest of honor.  If you have any more than 4 hostesses, we recommend simply listing yourselves as the bridesmaids, friends of the bride, or just leave it off the invitation.

4.  Do order extras!  You never know when the bride is going to decide to invite her boss’s sister-in-law or her mom’s hairdresser.  If you are ordering invitations or making your own, be sure to keep a few extras on hand just in case.

5.  Don’t overlook the envelope. 
It sounds old-fashioned, but the envelope is the first thing your guests will see.   If your handwriting looks like that of a five year old on drugs, consider printing on mailing labels.  Trust us – if we can figure it out, anyone can.  Obviously the actual invitation is the most important, but don’t miss this chance to impress your guests with special stamps, or even cute stickers.

6.  Do keep it classy.  No offense to anyone out there who can’t resist a cartoon rolling pin, but we are just not fans.  We prefer simple and stylish over drawings of kitchen gear. 


7.  Don’t forget to list the bride’s registries.  While it may be considered tacky to include registry information with wedding invitations, it’s perfectly acceptable, and encouraged, for the hostesses to provide the registry information for the guest of honor.  If you don’t, people are just going to ask for it anyway.  Even when we threw a monogram-themed shower and encouraged monogram gifts, we provided the registry info for the lazier less-creative bunch. 

8.  Do save the extra invitations that you didn’t have to use.
  As much as you probably cringed upping the order of those invites, you’ll be glad you have a few extras just in case.  Plus, the extras are perfect for framing as part of a centerpiece, stringing like makeshift bunting, or giving to the bride as part of a scrapbook.   

Our friend Ruthie's save-the-date used as a centerpiece
Have you ever attempted to make your own invites?  Have you ever thrown a shower with too many hostesses?  Tell us about it!