Guest Post: Vintage Shower by Ruthie Hart

You have probably seen us mention our friend Ruthie many times already, but here is Ruthie's first ever guest post! 


Hi there SASS readers! My name is Ruthie Hart and I blog about my sweet little life as a newlywed over here

I was pumped when Leah and Jac asked me to do a guest post, they are some awesome ladies (hint...Leah was a bridesmaid in my wedding!)
(this is one of my favorite pics from my wedding!)
So speaking of my wedding (I am only considered a newlywed for 3 more months so let's talk a lot about it!), one of my other bridesmaids and best friends is getting married in January. And guess what?? I am the MOH! I don't like calling myself a 'matron' so MOH will work for me :-). 

I took on the responsibility knowing I wanted to throw her an amazing shower. I've had my hand at throwing multiple birthday and costume parties (Leah and Jac made appearances at my hubby's wig themed birthday party), but never a bridal shower. By day, I plan events for a software company but nothing compares to planning a celebration for your best friend's marriage. 
Here is a look into Alyssa's vintage themed bridal shower

Invitations- I handmade each of the invitations with cardstock and scrapbook paper, ribbon and a custom invitation suite from Wedding Chicks. I purchased envelopes from Hobby Lobby and spruced them up with scrapbooking stickers and decoratives. For added decoration at the shower, I framed the invite along with some of the couple's engagement photos. I also included a blank recipe card for each guest to bring their favorite recipe to share with the bride.


(the bunting says RECIPES)
Decor- I made strands of bunting from scrapbook paper similar to the invites to hang throughout my home. I also made some paper rosettes (using Jac's tutorial) and hung them from a curtainless curtain rod in my living room. I am a thrift shop/Goodwill guru and found vintage flour, sugar, coffee and tea tins that I used to display the couple's engagement pictures. As always, candles make any party feel intimate. 
 (sorry for the dark picture)

(I bought and painted a Goodwill frame for $1 and modge podged a wooden P from Hobby Lobby to make a centerpiece for the table using the brides new last name)

 (made using scrapbook paper and stickers)
(the beautiful bride)

Food- the shower started at 2pm so food was simple appetizers, dips, fruit and desserts. 

 (I made food labels using word and a custom monogram from Wedding Chicks)

 (Leah helped me frost those adorable diamond ring shaped sugar cookies)

 (I purchased vintage tea cups at Salvation Army to serve hummus)
Drinks- We sipped on white and pink wines, diet coke and water. My mom gave me the space saving idea of pouring ice into one side of our sink to keep the drinks cool. I adorned the wine glasses and water goblets with cardstock scrapbooking embellishments so guests could remember which glass was theirs (kind of like a wine charm) and it also contributed to the vintage feel.
 (my pup, Ernie, gave Alyssa a photobook of her engagement pictures as a shower gift)

Games- games are my favorite part of any shower and we played 3. I got the idea from my bridal shower decorated an apron with different kitchen/household items. Alyssa walked into the room full of guests for 1 minute while they tried to memorize the items. The person who wrote down the most correct items (after Alyssa left the room) won a prize! 

For the second game, I asked Alyssa 15 questions about where her and her future hubby will be in 5 years (example, what is your ideal career, will you have any babies, what will you do to celebrate your 5 year anniversary). 

The third game was my favorite. I teamed up with the grooms mom to get photos of him from birth-current and the guests had to guess what age he was (I made a powerpoint). It was hilarious and fun!

Gifts- Alyssa's future MIL (mother in law) gifted her a wedding memory album. It is a whole book to write down different details of your wedding including shower guests and gifts, bachelorette party details, wedding gifts, etc. I have never seen one before but I recommend it for any bride! Here are some fun pictures of Alyssa opening up her gifts. 

Thanks for letting me share today, come check out my blog and say hello!