A New Kind of Monster: Bridesmaidzilla

Seeing that it's Halloween today, we thought it only fit that we introduce you to a new kind of monster lurking among us. A monster who makes you want to let out a bloodcurdling scream, bash your keyboard over their head, or maybe even poke your own eyes out before encountering. Her name is BRIDESMAIDZILLA!

Bridezilla's have become a common and almost accepted pop culture phenomenon. We see them on TV and then meet them in person as they take over our used-to-be-normal best friends. But the BridesMAIDzilla is a whole other kind of terrible. She can strike by being over-demanding or non-responsive. And while a bride focuses on her one big day, the bridesmaidzilla can be a thorn in your side one function at a time. So prepare yourselves, girls, and read about her attack tactics below to keep yourself from becoming a victim!


It's several months from the bride's wedding, and the girls have started discussing hosting a shower together. Bridesmaid #2 offers to host at her house, and everyone seems to be in agreement. As the shower date rolls closer, you receive fewer and fewer emails/phone calls from #2 and you notice she's full of excuses such as "traveling" and "working" to get back to you. Before you know it, it's the day before the shower and the BMaidZilla has left you all in the lurch. In the end, everything may pull together just fine, but the stress of getting there will keep awake at night.


You're basking in the glow of your BFF's new engagement when you open your inbox and see the subject "Dear Fellow Hostesses." You immediately panic...did I volunteer for this after too many pinots? Why are 13 names on this email? After reading through the email, you realize you are being controlled by a Bridesmaidzilla. She has volunteered your time, your skills, and your wallet without so much as breathing a word of it to you. She's stealthy, until she slaps you with the bill!


"I don't like this dress," "I would never serve a buffet at my wedding," "I think you should go to Switzerland on your Honeymoon," "purple is just not my color"... sound familiar? Whose wedding is this anyway? The Me-Monster is tricky because she's really terrifying the bride, and it's your job to keep that from happening.


She can never agree to anything - the group gift, the bachelorette party locale, the photos in the rehearsal dinner slideshow - and yet she offers up no other options. Everyone is entitled to her opinion, but it's best to put this 'zilla in her place before she poisons everyones mood.


Seems a little harsh to call someone a Bridesmaidzilla for being frugal, right? We would agree, except when she's holding everyone back with her own agenda. A typical BMZ will be overbearing and try to gear all bridesmaid duties around what suits her. Stop her before you're all on a Greyhound bus to Tijuana because that's the only way she could afford Mexico for the bachelorette party. 

Do you have any horror stories about a Bridesmaidzilla?

Happy Planning,
Sweet and Sour Showers