A Spooky Soiree: Halloween Couples Shower

Today we are excited to tell you about our first follower-submitted shower, and it just so happens to be from Jac's very crafty lil sis Michelle Hudson! She hosted a couples shower for her BFF Stephanie, who not only agreed to a Halloween-themed wedding shower, but let Michelle really run with it. Since costumes are a must for everything Halloween, this was no exception. Michelle encouraged guests to dress up as famous couples, so allow me to introduce you to Ice T and Coco...

Shout-out to Michelle's fiance David for going with this,
although he's probably loving that PIMP ring...

I mentioned before that Michelle is crafty, and you'll see a lot of her creativity in the post photos below. She started the party out right by sending out home-made invitations. We love this idea for those of you who are right-brained and have the time to do so.

Michelle provided a full buffet for her guests. Her menu included regular yummies such as cheeseburger sliders, spinach and artichoke dip and prosciutto pinwheels. She also incorporated some more spooky dishes like mummified pigs in a blanket, mud bug fettucini and our favorite - guacamole "barf".

That pumpkin had too much Witch's Brew!

Her centerpiece (although this picture's not doing it justice) was a simple DIY project. She collected sticks from her backyard and spray painted them black with a top coat of purple glitter. She then scattered them around some black candle sticks. She also cut bats out of black cardstock and hung them from fixtures throughout the house.

Over in the kitchen Michelle had guests help themselves at the drink station. She made a blood orange Witches Brew with blood orange Italian soda, cranberry juice and Vodka. She lit the punch bowl from the bottom by putting glow sticks underneath it and floated eyeballs in it.  She also served Vampire Wine (available at World Market). Check out the pimp cups she made for the guests of honor using wine glasses purchased from the dollar store!

No Halloween party is complete without trick or treating. Michelle took the common party element, the candy bar, and made it a Trick or Treat Station. Red velvet eyeball cake pops, cupcakes, sugar cookies, pretzel rods dipped in white chocolate and assorted candies were cutely displayed for guests to take home as favors.  

The tombstone cookies have the couple's wedding date - love!

One perk of throwing a holiday themed shower is that the decorations you invest in will be yours to enjoy year after year. However, that can get expensive! Michelle was able to craft a lot of the party decor herself. She hand-made the invitations and food labels, made a front door wreath, wrapped spooky looking packages, spray painted pumpkins and even floated a "dead" body in the backyard pool. Follow us on Pinterest or check back here for DIY inspiration!

Thanks Michelle for sharing your party with us! And remember, if you recently threw a shower that you'd love to share, email us the deets.

Tell us, would you throw a holiday themed shower? What are some of the ways you've incorporated a theme?

Happy Planning,
Sweet and Sour Showers