Big Reds and Bubbles Recap

Hey everyone!  Most of you probably saw in our blog redesign announcement that we were part of  a pretty big event last week, and we wanted to share how it went!

This is just  a teaser -we'll get back to the cookies in a few...

Big Reds and Bubbles is an annual event thrown by the Wine and Food Foundation of Texas.  People pay to sample food from some of the best restaurants and bakeries in town, along with delicious wines and bubbly, and proceeds help go towards culinary scholarships.  It's a great cause and a really fun night, all held at the beautiful Driskill Hotel in downtown Austin.  It would have been awesome to simply attend the event and get to see it all, but to actually be there as a vendor was just cray cray!

Here's a look at some of the rooms as they were getting set up:

The lighting was gorg
The circles all over the wall moved around like bubbles!

Check out our logo on this very official sign!  (It's in the middle next to Truluck's, above where it says "Presenting Wineries")
Knowing that we were going to over-analyze the layout of our table for about 90 minutes longer than necessary, we were some of the first ones to arrive.  We were able to get all our goodies set up and then enjoy the party - and some food, wine and bubbly, of course -  for the first half of the night.  (Holy crab cakes from Trulucks.)

We also had some time to snag a photo of this woman WEARING a champagne dress, no big deal.

We informed the event coordinators that next time they need someone to parade around wearing our favorite drink, we would do it for a LOT less.  (Remember that, Jennifer!)

Once people had a chance to sample all the savory foods, they made their way into the dessert room.  So here's a look at our table and everything we made!

Thank GAWD we both registered for solid white platters.  So profesh, right?
We thought snickerdoodles and chocolate fudge cookies would pair well with wine and champagne.  Seems like people really appreciated the classics.
Champagne glass sugar cookies with gold lustre spray and edible pearl bubbles - our piece de resistance!


Every table had these cool balloons that said the company name.  Unfortunately ours wasn't 100% accurate, but we like to think it's just because there was nothing "sour" about this event.  (Cheese alert!!)

All in all this was such a wonderful experience.  We received tons of great feedback, and people came back to sample our cookies multiple times.  It was especially cool to see some of the chefs from the other restaurants eating our treats after the event was winding down.  We hope to hear from many of the people we met that night for orders in the future.  To see more pics of our night at Big Reds, check out our Facebook page.  

We have to admit, though, we were (are?) exhausted!  Our families will definitely be helping us eat leftover cookies over Thanksgiving.  What treats will you guys be making or indulging in this week?

Happy Planning,
Sweet and Sour Showers