Blog Redesign - What What!

Hey everyone!  You might be noticing that things look a little different here on SASS.  We've had lots of changes over the last couple of weeks and we want to let you in on what's going on.

We knew from the moment we started our blog that we didn't want to keep a standard blogger template, but neither of us have design skills to speak of.  We decided to focus our initial efforts on nailing our concept, gaining a following, and of course baking, baking, baking.  The professional design could come later.

Then about 3 weeks ago, we received an email that really made us get our booties in gear!  A friend of ours has invited us to showcase our baked treats at Big Reds and Bubbles, an event hosted by the Wine & Food Foundation of Texas.


We're pretty sure we blacked out for a second when we first saw the email.  I mean, look at our name in that list of super well-known restaurants!  Never in our wildest dreams did we think we would have an opportunity like this, and we are still pinching ourselves to make sure it's all real - hence the reason we are just now sharing the news with blog world. 

Needless to say, this event was reason enough for us to give the site a little facelift.  We like to think the blog went through a puberty of sorts.  We've made it through the awkward stage, and now we're really digging the maturity (if you will) of this clean new look.  We hope it represents everything we're trying to do here on SASS.  We even have a button now, so go ahead and grab it!  Special thanks to Danielle who helped us achieve this look in such a short time. 

So in the past 2.5 weeks we've managed to completely redesign our blog and bake 600 cookies in preparation for the event.  We'd also love it if you helped us grow our Facebook fans to over 100 before Thursday - like us here!

We'll definitely be sharing a recap of the festivities next week, including pics of all our treats. But for now, we'd love to hear what you think of our new look.  Share your feedback in the comments below!

Happy Planning,
Sweet and Sour Showers