Guest Post: A Perfectly Pink Baby Shower

Today we are very excited to post our very first baby shower!  Our friend Alyssa had a sweet baby girl earlier this year, and our other friend Lindsay has kindly recapped all the cute touches for this perfectly pink shower.

We should also mention that Alyssa has recently started her own baby clothing and accessories online boutique. Check it out at Cheeky Couture Boutique on Facebook, and be sure to like her page while you're there!

Ok back to the shower.  Take it away, Linds!
Planning a baby shower can be a lot of work. Having 10 hostesses can make it even more work!  ;)

Deciding on the theme and color was easy. Alyssa was having a girl, so pink was easy for us hostesses to gather up. I think this was the 4th baby shower I had helped host, and I really did not want it to look like Party City threw up on our shower. So we kept the paper décor to a minimum and opted for other options like these!

The cake was our main centerpiece. We went with something simple, but still decorative enough to be the center of the table.

This was my favorite part of the shower.  We re-purposed old candelabras by using them as cupcake holders, and dangled crystals for an extra girly effect.

One of the upsides to having 10 hostesses is that we had plenty of food and drink (alcoholic and non) for our guests. Some even took plates home to their loved ones. For drinks, we served "mom-osas" and Pregnancy Punch.  Here is the recipe:

    1 3-liter bottle of Sprite or ginger ale
    2 8-oz packages of frozen strawberries
    1 1/2-gallon cherry lime-aide sherbet

Place thawed strawberries and sherbet in bottom of punch bowl and add sprite or ginger ale.  Voila!

Another nice addition to the décor was a diaper cake one of the hostesses made for Alyssa.

We also hung a strand of onesies across the fireplace. Of course Alyssa got to take them home after the shower as well.

We decided to make the gift-opening portion of the shower more interactive by playing Gift Bingo.  As each guest arrived with their gift for Alyssa, it was assigned a number.  Then before she started opening gifts, we gave each guest a bingo card.  As Alyssa opened a gift, she would read the number, and the guests marked it off their card.  It was really fun to get everyone involved, and of course they liked playing Bingo for prizes, too. 
We also played "guess the candy bar that has been melted in the diaper." You can smell it or even taste it to make your guesses.

 And finally, Alyssa and her hostesses all decked out in pink!


Thanks to Lindsay for sharing the deets of our very first baby shower post!

And here is a pic of Alyssa's sweet baby Joslyn before we sign off:

Happy Planning,
Sweet and Sour Showers