How To Make a Rehearsal Bouquet

Can’t everyone relate to how utterly awkward it is to stand in front of a group of people with nothing in your hands? It’s like you’ve never been so conscious of your hands in your life, and you can't help but fidget! We’re pretty sure this is the exact reason the bridal bouquet was created (we actually have no factual basis for this statement).  The bouquet gives you something to hold on to while you focus your attention on getting down that aisle!

The rehearsal is no different, which is where the rehearsal bouquet tradition came from. The bridesmaids collect and save the ribbons and bows that came on all the shower gifts, then fasten some sort of semblance of a floral bouquet for the bride.  The bouquet acts as a stand-in for the real thing (which comes in handy when practicing the “hand-off”) and is also kind of sentimental.

Let us preface this tutorial with there is no right or wrong way to create a ribbon bouquet! Each one will be different, and that’s the point. But this will give you a good starting point – especially if you have a lot of those ribbons the gift wrappers at PB, C&B and BB&B are so fond of.

To get started you’ll need:
The ribbons and bows you’ve collected from the showers
Paper plate or card stock
Tape, hot glue or a stapler
Safety pin or rubber band

1. Look at your ribbon stash to determine your game plan. If you have a lot of ribbons you’ll need to make your paper plate circle smaller. If you have a lot of bows then you’ll need more surface area on your plate.

2. Begin by creating the base of your bouquet from your paper plate.  Trim your plate down to a small circle size (remember: larger circle if you have more bows, smaller if you have more ribbons). The edges of your paper plate may show so I used a scalloped scissor to cut a prettier base.  You could also use basic scissors to create a scalloped edge if you wanted.

3. Cut an X into the middle of your plate to poke the ribbons through. The X should be 1-2 inches wide.

4. Begin tying your ribbons into loops. The loop in the ribbon will be part of the bouquet, while the loose ends of the ribbon will begin to form the handle. Your ribbons should go from this:

to this:

5. Loop the ribbon through the hole in the plate until the knot is resting on top of plate, and the ends are pulled through the other side.

6. Keep adding the ribbons in this way until all the ribbons are pulled through.

7. Attach any bows to the front of the plate to fill holes. I had some loose curling ribbon that I threaded through the loops in the front. This is where your creativity comes in.

8. To form a handle, collect all the ribbons behind the plate. Wrap them in a thick ribbon about 3-4 inches from the base and secure with a safety pin.

Now you have a perfectly personalized ribbon bouquet that even the Father of the Bride can't help but check out ;)

"Now that's a nice ribbon bouquet!"

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Happy Planning,
Sweet and Sour Showers