Minute To Win It Couples Shower

Have you seen Minute to Win It on NBC? It's a game show in which the competitor has to complete ten one-minute challenges that use household items. We thought recreating this at home would make for a great couples shower - and we were right!

To make sure everyone brought their game faces, we sent out a custom invitation clearly stating the theme. We designed it in Word by copying and pasting this image into a document and then picking a font that matched.

Because this game show features short challenges that don't require many props or much set up, this was easy to do at home. We chose 5 challenges and signed everyone up to compete in teams of two since it was a "couples" theme. On TV the competitors are pretty good since they practice at home. However, we knew the challenges would be harder for our guests, so each team got two chances to beat the challenge. Your team got a point for completing the challenge, and the team with the most points at the end won.

Here are the games we chose and what is needed for each:

Junk in the Trunk

You need:
1 Tissue box - the rectangle shaped one with an oval hole.
8 Ping Pong Balls
a Belt

Fasten an empty tissue box around your waist so that the box sits at the small of your back. Fill the box with the 8 ping pong balls. The goal is to get all of the balls out of the box without using your hands. This is a hilarious challenge, and a good ice breaker to start the game off.

Tilt a Cup

You need:
8 Cups
Ping Pong Balls

Bounce a ping pong ball on the ground and catch it in the cup. Then place a new cup on top and repeat with another ping pong ball so that you are building a wobbly stack of cups and balls. Once every cup has a ball you've won.

Stack Attack

You need:
36 Cups

Starting with a single stack of cups, build a perfect pyramid and take it down back to a single stack of cups. This seems easy but really is pretty hard!

Face the Cookie

You need:
Oreo cookies

We made this into a partner challenge. Each team member starts with a cookie on their forehead. Using only your face, move the cookie from your forehead to your mouth. The cookie cannot be tossed in the air and caught; it has to remain in contact with your face. Each partner has to complete this challenge to get a point.

Keep it Up

Another partner challenge, each partner is given a feather. They must keep their feather in the air for one full minute. If either one lets the feather touch the ground, they don't get a point. This one was difficult - we gave each team two chances!

If you need a Tie Breaker...
We had three teams tied for first, so we had to come up with a last-minute tie breaker. We made a sort of extreme Tilt A Cup. Each partner stands facing each other a few steps apart holding a cup and a ping pong ball. At the same time, they must bounce their balls into their partners cup. Then a new cup is stacked on top in typical Tilt A Cup fashion. They keep going for the full minute and we counted the cups each partner was holding at the end. Most cups wins!

If you're throwing a shower for a couple who are a little less traditional and always up for a laugh, this is a great theme. We had so much fun I don't think anyone minded we well exceeded the 5-8 pm time frame on the invitation!

Does Minute to Win It sound like a couple shower challenge you would take on? What other types of games have you played at a couple shower?

Happy Planning,
Sweet and Sour Showers