The title says it all, right? A Stock the Bar party is essentially that, a party thrown to "stock the bar" of the guest of honor. It's a popular theme for a couples shower (since most guys can often be bribed with the promise of a great bottle of whiskey) and is pretty much a guaranteed good time for everyone attending.  

Since showers are all about the gifts (it's called a shower because you're "showering" the bride with gifts for her wedding), a stock the bar theme can leave a gift-giver feeling limited... should I buy tequila or rum? Luckily, we recently attended such a party and left with some really great gift ideas we wanted to pass on!


Our bet is on the fact that the bride-to-be has registered for some barware. Everyday stemware or even crystal she has registered for make great gifts, but the specialty glasses are where the fun is at. Do these two love making margaritas on their back deck? What about martinis? If you know what they like, you can pick a barware set that will fit nicely with all those bottles they're unwrapping. 

Everything needed for mojitos - with the recipe right on the glass!

Wine me Dine me

Wine is always a great go-to. You can pick from countless varieties and price points and still get a quality bottle. But pairing that bottle with one of the accessories below will have your friends thanking you long after that fourth glass is finished.

Electric Wine Opener - opens a bottle with the push of a button, need we say more?
Wine Aerator

Entertaining with Booze

They probably aren't actually planning on cooking with all that booze, but this is still a fun cookbook. There are also countless "bartending for dummies", or specialty cocktail books out there and they are a fun accompaniment to any liquor of your choice.

Add Some Flavor

You can't go wrong when you stick with an original, but how fun is it to try something different? Vodkas, tequilas and even whiskeys are available in so many flavors now you'll have a hard time choosing - cake vodka? Jalapeno tequila? The jury's still out on whether the flavors are better than the basics, but at least they'll remember who got them triple espresso vodka!

Go Big or Go Home

Ok, we're kinda kidding with this, but it's hilarious to watch someone open a magnum of wine!

That should get them through their first year of marriage!

Lastly, check out these centerpieces! The hostess simply attached flowers to mini bottles and set them on tables. After the party these can go home with the guests as favors, or add to the engaged couple's bar collection.

What are your favorite Stock the Bar gifts?

Happy Planning,
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