Christmas Cookies

Holidays are always better with sweets! We've been busy in the kitchen and thought it was time to give y'all a sneak peek  at what you're missing. ;) It's not too late to put down your spatula and email us for your holiday order!

Penguins in Sweaters: We found this tutorial over at Eighteen25 and they are the invention of Callye (her blog here) who is an amazing cookie artist! We always check her out for inspiration and died when we found these penguins! They are the perfect size, and appropriate for any and all winter festivities.

Snowflakes are a personal fave of ours - and these are no exception. White flakes, swirled with icing, edible pearls and dusted with edible glitter, make a beautiful addition to any holiday table.

Christmas Trees decorated with red ornaments and sparkling lights.

The idea for these reindeer came from Pinterest (of course!) at The Baking Sheet. It was our first visit to Loren's blog, and we read she created these before she even started blogging. We used a gingerbread man cookie cutter (upside-down) to create these adorable Rudolphs all tangled up in the Christmas lights!


Candy canes done with red sugars on white or white sugars on red. Either way festive and delicious!

Christmas ornament cookies so detailed you'll want to hang them on your tree instead of eating them!

Don't forget, we customize! If you don't see something you love, or have other ideas feel free to contact us. How fun is it to give someone (or yourself!) a big box of this....

Happy Holidays SASS readers! As always we would love to hear from you! Share your holiday party pics on our facebook page and let us know what you've been busy with!