Christmas Gift Guide for the Baker

Christmas is just 6 days away! For those of you still doing some last minute shopping (you are not alone) here are some of our fun gift ideas for your favorite baker.

Beautiful Kitchen Tools

Sure she might have your standard plastic measuring cups, and we're all for being "useful" but who says that means it has to be BORING? Jazz up her kitchen with some funky versions of her everyday baking tools. Anthropologie has some great measuring utensils that would really add some wow to her kitchen.


Yes, bakers really do wear aprons! I mean, have you ever tried working with powdered sugar?? You may be up to your elbows in dough but you can still look cute doing it. Just make sure you get one that's machine washable!

Perfection Sticks

The KEY to making uniform cookies. These perfection sticks are used as a guide when rolling out dough to ensure even thickness. They come in three sizes for different types of cookies or crackers. Rolling pin rings are a similar tool and would make a great stocking stuffer!

Kitchenaid Mixer Accessories

This is a custom design from a Pioneer Woman giveaway

Every great baker needs a great mixer, and the odds are that your favorite baker already has one (if not - GREAT gift idea although they can get pretty pricey).  There are tons of accessories that you can purchase to go with their mixer, from attachments to decorative decals to extra bowls. 

Chocolate's Best Friend

A baker's secret ingredient - espresso powder. This magical stuff can be used to enhance the chocolate flavor  in any dessert without adding a coffee flavor.  It'll have people asking "why the %#@* are these brownies so much better than mine?!" which is what we all strive for :)

Meringue Powder

Following the same logic as above, any quality ingredient will really go a long way with a baker. Meringue Powder is used to make royal icing and can add up price wise because you have to use so much of it! We've heard this brand is one of the best!

Bakerella Cake Pop Kit

Every baker dreams of being a Bakerella. This kit includes literally EVERYthing you need to create her unbelievable designs.  A book with step-by-step instructions for 10 designs, a stand, sticks, cello bags, gift tags and ribbons to wrap up 48 of your own creations!

What are you giving your favorite baker this holiday?