Cookie Swap and Ornament Exchange

There is something about the month of December that just makes people want to dig out their baking sheets and oven mitts and share their sweet treats with the most random of randos.  So what better excuse to bake even more treats than by throwing a cookie swap?!

A cookie swap is where each attendee brings a batch of cookies, and everyone gets to bring home a few of each kind.  Although you could impose some pretty hard-core rules in terms or quantities and flavors, we like to keep it pretty casj.  It’s just a great excuse to get together around the holidays and come home with a greater variety of cookies than you would make on your own.

The cookie swap that Leah attended this year included the following yummy flavors:

Andes mint cookies
Sugar cookies with frosting
Brownie cookies
Pudding cookies
Mint chocolate forget-me-nots
Chewy gingerbread with Hershey's Hugs
Snowman poop!  (chocolate cookies rolled in powdered sugar)
Chocolate nut bars
Strawberry santa hats

A word of caution – do not attempt to try all the cookies in one sitting or you will have a special kind of hangover the next day.  And if you’re wondering which were Leah’s...

This year we started a new tradition by adding an ornament exchange to the cookie swap party.  We allowed stealing gifts like a white elephant gift exchange, but instead of opening gag gifts we each got to go home with a cute ornament.  The favorite of the night was a handmade ornament by Alyssa of Cheeky Couture Boutique commemorating the 4 years we have been doing (almost)-weekly dinner meet-ups.

Alyssa’s baby was also there for her first ever cookie swap.  Check out those adorable leg warmers!

The cookie swap and ornament exchange were a great way to share gifts with our friends without having to break the bank.  Plus, it's the perfect excuse to get together right before the holidays.

Last but not least, we want to share this really fun drink that Jac tried this year.  A peppermint martini!  You can find the recipe here.

We hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season and we look forward to sharing all the fun blog topics we have coming!

But before you go, we want to hear from you!  Have you ever been to a cookie swap?  What’s your go-to holiday cookie or drink?