Holiday Gift Guide for the Entertainer

With the holidays upon us, shower-throwing has taken a back seat. December is big for weddings and engagements, but not so much the in-between. So we're taking a break from the ushe to bring you something else we love - presents! Here's a list of gifts that we promise your favorite hostess will love!

Place Cards

These place cards from Lisa Leonard Designs are great because they are magnetic and therefore reusable. You can use any type of paper, for any holiday, and they even double as food labels. Perfect for someone who is always entertaining.

Warming Trays

There is nothing worse than a beautiful table of food, that's all gone cold. Look at this gift as something the receiver can use, but the giver can enjoy also! Like when your husband buys you lingerie, or you buy him  nose hair clippers.....

Drink Accessories

We gave a few ideas over in our Stock the Bar post, but the holidays are a time to cheers too! Festive peppermint drink mixes, barware, or even this recipe cocktail shaker will be making cheeks rosy for years to come.

Party Plates and Platters

We don't mean re-gift those holiday platters of cats skiing in sweaters, those are still a don't. But believe it or not there is modern tabletop decor out there - and people want it!

And while we're on the topic of plates... finger food plates anyone? While they can't fit more than a cheese cube, they're hilarious and at least make a great stocking stuffer!


If you read Leah's Surprise Birthday post, you know we are always down for a game. Whether it's a family celebration or all-girls cocktail party, a little competition can spice things up and take the pressure off the hostess.

That's quite an eclectic mix of gifts! What are you asking for this holiday season?