A New Kind of Monster: Bridesmaidzilla

Seeing that it's Halloween today, we thought it only fit that we introduce you to a new kind of monster lurking among us. A monster who makes you want to let out a bloodcurdling scream, bash your keyboard over their head, or maybe even poke your own eyes out before encountering. Her name is BRIDESMAIDZILLA!

Bridezilla's have become a common and almost accepted pop culture phenomenon. We see them on TV and then meet them in person as they take over our used-to-be-normal best friends. But the BridesMAIDzilla is a whole other kind of terrible. She can strike by being over-demanding or non-responsive. And while a bride focuses on her one big day, the bridesmaidzilla can be a thorn in your side one function at a time. So prepare yourselves, girls, and read about her attack tactics below to keep yourself from becoming a victim!


It's several months from the bride's wedding, and the girls have started discussing hosting a shower together. Bridesmaid #2 offers to host at her house, and everyone seems to be in agreement. As the shower date rolls closer, you receive fewer and fewer emails/phone calls from #2 and you notice she's full of excuses such as "traveling" and "working" to get back to you. Before you know it, it's the day before the shower and the BMaidZilla has left you all in the lurch. In the end, everything may pull together just fine, but the stress of getting there will keep awake at night.


You're basking in the glow of your BFF's new engagement when you open your inbox and see the subject "Dear Fellow Hostesses." You immediately panic...did I volunteer for this after too many pinots? Why are 13 names on this email? After reading through the email, you realize you are being controlled by a Bridesmaidzilla. She has volunteered your time, your skills, and your wallet without so much as breathing a word of it to you. She's stealthy, until she slaps you with the bill!


"I don't like this dress," "I would never serve a buffet at my wedding," "I think you should go to Switzerland on your Honeymoon," "purple is just not my color"... sound familiar? Whose wedding is this anyway? The Me-Monster is tricky because she's really terrifying the bride, and it's your job to keep that from happening.


She can never agree to anything - the group gift, the bachelorette party locale, the photos in the rehearsal dinner slideshow - and yet she offers up no other options. Everyone is entitled to her opinion, but it's best to put this 'zilla in her place before she poisons everyones mood.


Seems a little harsh to call someone a Bridesmaidzilla for being frugal, right? We would agree, except when she's holding everyone back with her own agenda. A typical BMZ will be overbearing and try to gear all bridesmaid duties around what suits her. Stop her before you're all on a Greyhound bus to Tijuana because that's the only way she could afford Mexico for the bachelorette party. 

Do you have any horror stories about a Bridesmaidzilla?

Happy Planning,
Sweet and Sour Showers

Guest Post: Vintage Shower by Ruthie Hart

You have probably seen us mention our friend Ruthie many times already, but here is Ruthie's first ever guest post! 


Hi there SASS readers! My name is Ruthie Hart and I blog about my sweet little life as a newlywed over here

I was pumped when Leah and Jac asked me to do a guest post, they are some awesome ladies (hint...Leah was a bridesmaid in my wedding!)
(this is one of my favorite pics from my wedding!)
So speaking of my wedding (I am only considered a newlywed for 3 more months so let's talk a lot about it!), one of my other bridesmaids and best friends is getting married in January. And guess what?? I am the MOH! I don't like calling myself a 'matron' so MOH will work for me :-). 

I took on the responsibility knowing I wanted to throw her an amazing shower. I've had my hand at throwing multiple birthday and costume parties (Leah and Jac made appearances at my hubby's wig themed birthday party), but never a bridal shower. By day, I plan events for a software company but nothing compares to planning a celebration for your best friend's marriage. 
Here is a look into Alyssa's vintage themed bridal shower

Invitations- I handmade each of the invitations with cardstock and scrapbook paper, ribbon and a custom invitation suite from Wedding Chicks. I purchased envelopes from Hobby Lobby and spruced them up with scrapbooking stickers and decoratives. For added decoration at the shower, I framed the invite along with some of the couple's engagement photos. I also included a blank recipe card for each guest to bring their favorite recipe to share with the bride.


(the bunting says RECIPES)
Decor- I made strands of bunting from scrapbook paper similar to the invites to hang throughout my home. I also made some paper rosettes (using Jac's tutorial) and hung them from a curtainless curtain rod in my living room. I am a thrift shop/Goodwill guru and found vintage flour, sugar, coffee and tea tins that I used to display the couple's engagement pictures. As always, candles make any party feel intimate. 
 (sorry for the dark picture)

(I bought and painted a Goodwill frame for $1 and modge podged a wooden P from Hobby Lobby to make a centerpiece for the table using the brides new last name)

 (made using scrapbook paper and stickers)
(the beautiful bride)

Food- the shower started at 2pm so food was simple appetizers, dips, fruit and desserts. 

 (I made food labels using word and a custom monogram from Wedding Chicks)

 (Leah helped me frost those adorable diamond ring shaped sugar cookies)

 (I purchased vintage tea cups at Salvation Army to serve hummus)
Drinks- We sipped on white and pink wines, diet coke and water. My mom gave me the space saving idea of pouring ice into one side of our sink to keep the drinks cool. I adorned the wine glasses and water goblets with cardstock scrapbooking embellishments so guests could remember which glass was theirs (kind of like a wine charm) and it also contributed to the vintage feel.
 (my pup, Ernie, gave Alyssa a photobook of her engagement pictures as a shower gift)

Games- games are my favorite part of any shower and we played 3. I got the idea from my bridal shower decorated an apron with different kitchen/household items. Alyssa walked into the room full of guests for 1 minute while they tried to memorize the items. The person who wrote down the most correct items (after Alyssa left the room) won a prize! 

For the second game, I asked Alyssa 15 questions about where her and her future hubby will be in 5 years (example, what is your ideal career, will you have any babies, what will you do to celebrate your 5 year anniversary). 

The third game was my favorite. I teamed up with the grooms mom to get photos of him from birth-current and the guests had to guess what age he was (I made a powerpoint). It was hilarious and fun!

Gifts- Alyssa's future MIL (mother in law) gifted her a wedding memory album. It is a whole book to write down different details of your wedding including shower guests and gifts, bachelorette party details, wedding gifts, etc. I have never seen one before but I recommend it for any bride! Here are some fun pictures of Alyssa opening up her gifts. 

Thanks for letting me share today, come check out my blog and say hello!

Halloween Cookie Tutorial - Spider Webs

With Halloween just a week away, we wanted to do something a little out of the norm and provide a tutorial of some of our favorite Halloween cookies! 

First off, we want to give a shout out to our favorite Austin bake shop, All in One. Not only do they have great supplies, but they also offer some really fun classes.  We took a cookie class here this summer, and even though we've read tons of articles online and decorated many a batch of cookies on our own, we learned some really great tips!  Highly recommend their classes to anyone in the Austin area.

To start, you'll obviously want to make your dough. Most people will then tell you to roll your dough into a ball and refrigerate it for a while.  Well, we beg to differ.  What we learned is to roll your dough between two sheets of parchment paper right away.  That's right - NO flour.  Even if your dough is a bit sticky, the parchment allows you to roll it immediately, and you can avoid cleaning up a huge mess.  We also purchased these "perfection sticks."  By placing them next to your roller, you can ensure that all your cookies are the same thickness.  (Hint: if your parchment sheets are moving around, try rolling on top of silicon baking sheets.) 

Next, place your rolled dough in the fridge for at least one hour, or preferably overnight.  Afterward, instead of trying to roll out a hard ball of dough, your dough is already in perfectly even sheets and ready for cutting.  We used a 4-inch circle cookie cutter for these spider web cookies and baked for about 12 minutes per batch.

Here's a quick shot of the baked cookies to show you how uniform the height can be with our perfection sticks:

(Side note: decorating cookies takes a LONG time.  What we like to do is prepare the dough one night, then cut and bake the next night, and then save decorating for a whole other day.  Trust us, you'll get tired and frustrated if you don't spread it out.) 

Ok, it's decorating time. The most fun, but also the most time consuming.  To start, you'll want to whip up a batch of royal icing, which typically takes 7 to 10 minutes.  You then want to divide your icing.  You will need:

  • white piping icing
  • flooded white icing
  • flooded purple icing
  • black piping icing

Simply add water to your icing until it reaches the desired consistency. Be cautious when adding water to thin your icing because it's nearly impossible to reverse. You can find a really great royal icing tutorial here and here

Step 1: Outline your cookies.  You can use a Wilton #3 or #4 tip.  We used squeeze bottles, but you can also use pastry bags. 

Step 2: Squeeze some flooded white icing into the center of your cookies and spread around with a toothpick.  If your icing is thick enough, you should avoid bubbles.  Otherwise, try to pop them with a toothpick right away.

Step 3:  While your white flood icing is still wet, draw 3 circles with the purple flood icing.  We used a Wilton #2 tip.  Don't worry, it doesn't have to be perfect.  Sometimes the uneven ones are the cutest.  (We recommend squeeze bottles for this step over the pastry bags.)

Step 4: Again while your icing is still wet, drag a toothpick through the circles to create the spider web/marbling effect. 

Step 5: Let the cookies dry completely.

Step 6: Once dried, you can create your spiders.  We reused the #4 tip to create the body of the spiders.  We tried to make the head a bit smaller then the body.

Step 7: Using a #1 or #2 tip, pipe on 8 legs. 

Make sure you let the cookies dry completely (for a few hours) before packaging them.  We store our cookies in tupperware with sheets of parchment in between each layer.  Sugar cookies are typically good for about 10 days or you can always freeze them (they thaw really quickly).

So that's it for this special Halloween cookie tutorial edition on SASS.  We hope you can put some of our tips to good use, or you can always contact us to place an order in the Austin area.

BTW, we've been pinning Halloween treats like CRAZY on Pinterest.  What are some of your favorite Halloween treats?

Happy Planning,
Sweet & Sour Showers

A Spooky Soiree: Halloween Couples Shower

Today we are excited to tell you about our first follower-submitted shower, and it just so happens to be from Jac's very crafty lil sis Michelle Hudson! She hosted a couples shower for her BFF Stephanie, who not only agreed to a Halloween-themed wedding shower, but let Michelle really run with it. Since costumes are a must for everything Halloween, this was no exception. Michelle encouraged guests to dress up as famous couples, so allow me to introduce you to Ice T and Coco...

Shout-out to Michelle's fiance David for going with this,
although he's probably loving that PIMP ring...

I mentioned before that Michelle is crafty, and you'll see a lot of her creativity in the post photos below. She started the party out right by sending out home-made invitations. We love this idea for those of you who are right-brained and have the time to do so.

Michelle provided a full buffet for her guests. Her menu included regular yummies such as cheeseburger sliders, spinach and artichoke dip and prosciutto pinwheels. She also incorporated some more spooky dishes like mummified pigs in a blanket, mud bug fettucini and our favorite - guacamole "barf".

That pumpkin had too much Witch's Brew!

Her centerpiece (although this picture's not doing it justice) was a simple DIY project. She collected sticks from her backyard and spray painted them black with a top coat of purple glitter. She then scattered them around some black candle sticks. She also cut bats out of black cardstock and hung them from fixtures throughout the house.

Over in the kitchen Michelle had guests help themselves at the drink station. She made a blood orange Witches Brew with blood orange Italian soda, cranberry juice and Vodka. She lit the punch bowl from the bottom by putting glow sticks underneath it and floated eyeballs in it.  She also served Vampire Wine (available at World Market). Check out the pimp cups she made for the guests of honor using wine glasses purchased from the dollar store!

No Halloween party is complete without trick or treating. Michelle took the common party element, the candy bar, and made it a Trick or Treat Station. Red velvet eyeball cake pops, cupcakes, sugar cookies, pretzel rods dipped in white chocolate and assorted candies were cutely displayed for guests to take home as favors.  

The tombstone cookies have the couple's wedding date - love!

One perk of throwing a holiday themed shower is that the decorations you invest in will be yours to enjoy year after year. However, that can get expensive! Michelle was able to craft a lot of the party decor herself. She hand-made the invitations and food labels, made a front door wreath, wrapped spooky looking packages, spray painted pumpkins and even floated a "dead" body in the backyard pool. Follow us on Pinterest or check back here for DIY inspiration!

Thanks Michelle for sharing your party with us! And remember, if you recently threw a shower that you'd love to share, email us the deets.

Tell us, would you throw a holiday themed shower? What are some of the ways you've incorporated a theme?

Happy Planning,
Sweet and Sour Showers

Giveaway Winner and Guest Post

Hey everyone! Just wanted to announce that the winner of our first ever giveaway is Erin H! Erin, send us your address, and we will have Sandra mail your charm ASAP! 


In the meantime, check out our guest post about invitation dos and don’ts over on Easy Made Invitations today. (Don’t worry about what your mom tells you – listen to us!) 

Happy Planning, 
Sweet & Sour Showers

10 Money-Saving Tips for Your Next Shower

(Before you start reading our budget-friendly tips, hop over to our giveaway and be sure to enter!)

Ok let’s face it – weddings are expensive, especially when you’re a bridesmaid.   According to this article on CNN, the average cost of being in a friend’s wedding is $1695. 


As much as you have the best intentions and want to make this the most special time in your friend’s life, one of the most “sour” parts of throwing any shower is the money.  When the wedding-related expenses start to add up, you might think twice about renting the margarita machine for your friend’s shower.

That’s why we strive to show you how you can create a memorable shower in an affordable and attainable way.

Below are some of our favorite money-saving tips using our friend Ruthie’s shower as an example.  Ruthie’s husband is very into Halloween and mildly into heavy metal, and Ruthie has graciously taken on some of these interests as her own.  Thus, we bring you the unique and affordable…skull shower.  So consider this a two-for: learning how to save money AND turn absolutely anything into a theme.  

1.    Ask for assistance.  We can totally relate to all the control freaks out there, but taking on the entire shower by yourself can be time-consuming and expensive.  You should check with other bridesmaids or even family members to see if they’d be interested in sharing hostess duties.  

Ruthie's bridesmaids and awesome hostesses
2.    Limit the guest list.   Couples showers are becoming the new norm, but you know what’s the quickest way to double your guest list?  INVITING THE MEN.  Encourage your bride to keep the party intimate.  Ruthie’s shower was a couples shower, but we made it special by only including very close friends and immediate family.  

3.    Hold the shower at home.  Most of the ideas we present on SASS are for at-home showers, but we know the restaurant brunch is also a popular shower idea.  Paying for everyone’s food and drinks at a restaurant can add up fast.  Even if you REALLY don’t like to cook, catering food at home will surely save some cash.   

4.    Consider the timing.  Don’t throw your party at 6pm when people are expecting a full meal.   Try scheduling your shower for mid-afternoon (around 2pm), or after dinner (around 8pm).  This allows you to just provide snacks, appetizers, or maybe even try your hand at a desserts-only shower – we can certainly help you there!


5.    Create an evite.  As much as we love receiving a special invitation in the mail, keeping it electronic will keep your costs down.   Plus, there are always those people on the guest list who you have to invite out of obligation even though they won’t attend.  Paying for those invites is just a slap in the face!  

6.    Keep it pot luck style.  We are big fans of DIY, so it’s only natural that we would recommend keeping your food homemade rather than catering or buying store-bought goodies.  For Ruthie’s shower, her sister and MOH did a great job of divvying up the food and drinks equally among the hostesses, so no one was overwhelmed by the time or money involved.  Plus, it’s nicer to be in charge of a few items rather than paying someone a lump sum at the end.

7.    Stick to beer and wine.  Drinks are one of our favorite parts of any shower, but as soon as you enter mixed-drink territory, the bills can add up.  Sticking to beer and wine is perfectly acceptable, and you can also find some fun recipes online that involve doctoring up a bottle of your favorite white or red.  Side note: if you hold the shower in the afternoon, people also tend to drink less.  

8.    Get creative with clip art and free printables.  For Ruthie’s shower, we literally used clip art images of male and female skulls!  We printed all different sizes and hung them from mirrors, cabinets, windows and tables.  We even used the skull image on our food labels.  (You might also notice this kickass depiction of a well-known mural in Austin.  Thanks to our friend Mary’s sister for that recreation!)

9.    Replace the photos in your home with pics of the guest(s) of honor.  This is one of those tricks we use at just about every shower.  Print out some of the couple’s engagement photos or silly pictures, and use the frames you already have at home.  

Framed pics in the background
10.    Go in on a gift.  The beauty of having multiple hostesses is that you can purchase a bigger/nicer gift and share the cost.  So, if you can only afford a $20 set of spatulas after planning the festivities, ask the other hostesses to go in on a gift, and maybe you can spring for a blender instead.

As much as we love pouring ourselves into the details of any shower, we also love to save a little cash.  What are some of your favorite money-saving tips when it comes to throwing a party?

Happy Planning,
Sweet & Sour Showers

Oh How Pinteresting: Bachelorette Edition

First off, don't forget to sign up for our first ever giveaway, which closes tomorrow night!  Don't miss your chance to win a free necklace charm from Jewel Kade.

Now, onto business. 

This week we are linking up again with newly-married Michelle (congrats!) at the Vintage Apple for Oh How Pinteresting Wednesday.  Since we've already shared our own bachelorette treats and bachelorette games, we thought we'd look to Pinterest for even more bachelorette ideas.  Here are some of the things we found and loved.

We'll start with treats, of course.  Check out these cupcakes with fake diamond rings used as toppers.  This would even be cute with ring pops.  These cupcakes would be so easy and there's a bonus: everyone can leave with a party favor when they're done eating.  


We also love these pink sparkly cupcake wrappers to dress up even the most traditional cupcake.  Plus, they're reusable!


These lingerie cookies are to die for.  We happen to love our lingerie cookies, too, but these are pretty spectacular:


If you're looking to try somethign a little easier, how about these simple round cookies with cute messages and colors (or the wedding cake if you're daring):


Ok backing up a step, what about invitations?  If you want to do something more formal than an evite, we love the idea of these creative eye-mask invites for a bachelorette slumber party:


Or, if you're really handy in the paper department, you can try out these bustier invites that lace up!  (BTW - we'll be doing a whole post on lingerie showers soon, so stay tuned!)


As for drinks, here is a fun and girly idea.  Try mixing cotton candy with vodka for these colorful martinis.  Note: We once tried this out using multicolored cotton candy, and they tended to turn green.  Might want to stick to pink!  Sorry Alyssa - love the idea!  :)


Last but not least, if you're looking for party favors or even a hostess gift, why not share the love with this Essie nail polish called "Bachelorette Party?"

Thanks for stopping by for Oh How Pinteresting Wednesday.  We'd love for you to follow us on Pinterest, too.  Check out Jac's boards here, and Leah's boards here

So what do you guys think?  Have you found any new bachelorette ideas on Pinterest that you're dying to share?

Happy Planning,
Sweet & Sour Showers