Bachelorette Party T-Shirts

We love the idea of creating a custom t-shirt for a bachelorette party for so many reasons.  They make for really cute pictures, it makes the guest of honor feel really special, everyone leaves with a favor, and people at the gym who see you wearing it afterwards will think you're really cool.  (This one has yet to be confirmed, but it's a strong suspicion.)

Jac's bachelorette t-shirt: "Game Over" with the classic bride and groom cartoon.  We included the date and location on the back, as if we could EVER forget Vegas.

Matching t-shirts might also help you find your group if you get lost during a cruise ship excursion:

This shirt says "Ashley's Booze Cruise."  The t-shirt company should be able to suggest a design if you don't have any specific requests.

A simple Google search will lead you to various websites that offer custom t-shirts for sale, or you might be able to find a t-shirt company in your hometown.  We have found VistaPrint's prices to be the  most reasonable, and they offer coupon codes for new customers.  The website allowed us to upload our own photos, but if you want a custom design, you are probably better off finding a company that specializes in shirts. 

T-shirts generally run from about $10-$18 depending on how many you are ordering and how "fancy" you get with it.  If you keep the design simple with fewer colors, you should be able to save a few bucks.

Sometimes T-shirts can actually save you money...the back of the shirt below says "she's tying the knot, so buy us a shot."  You gotta spend money to make money, ladies.

We love the colors of this shirt.  (We do not love the angle of this photo.)
When it comes to footing the bill, we think it's fair to ask the other bridesmaids and attendees to chip in for the shirt, especially since they will all get to keep their own after the party.  However, make sure everyone is ok with this addition to the budget before confirming your order.

Another cute idea for bachelorette gear is the girly tank top.  These can be found on sites like  The ones on the left below say "Final Fling Before the Ring" with a picture of a big diamond.  Incidentally, these work well for both wine tasting or pole dancing classes.

We love that the bride has a different color in this picture on the left.  
Another idea is to go completely DIY.  Everyone can buy a tank top in the same color and write or draw on them with sponge letters, paint or even rhinestones.  The shirts below were actually for a baby shower, and everyone wore blue in honor of the soon-to-arrive baby boy.

As for what to write on the shirt - well, just get creative!  You can search online for cute bachelorette or pre-wedding phrases, or make the shirts more personal with inside jokes that your whole group might share.  Even if you just include the bride's name, the date of the party and the location, it's a great way to commemorate what is sure to be a memorable weekend.

What do you think of t-shirts for bachelorette parties?  Have you ever worn one?