Cookies for Kids

Hey everyone!  We recently had the opportunity to create some cookies for an 8 year old girl's birthday goodie bags.  As much as we love working on the endless possibilities for wedding-related events, we welcomed the opportunity to take on a totally different type of project.  Plus, we are always so excited to try out some new designs and cookie cutters, so we couldn't wait to get started.

First order of business - narrow down the million and one options that a little girl would love.  (Girls are just so much more fun than boys, obvi.)  Our first idea was something princess-related, so we whipped up these fun tiaras with pink sprinkles and edible pearls.

If these cookies aren't met with full-fledged preteen squeals, then we clearly missed the mark.
This particular little girl also happens to be quite the fashionista.   We repurposed our wedding dress cookie cutter to make purple and black zebra print dresses complete with a black sparkly belt.

And since we thought the girls would think animal print is pretty cool, we also added these pink leopard print hearts.

Next up - what the H would 8 year old boys like?  So, like any girl with half a brain, we turned to the experts...our 30 year old husbands.  And the answer was sports, duh.  We have to admit, although the boys' cookies are lacking in the sparkle department, they turned out pretty cute, too.

We had an absolute blast working on a project that was a bit out of the norm for us, so keep us in mind for your future events!  And don't worry, we have tons of shower ideas and tutorials in the works for the next few weeks, too.

We want to hear from you guys!  Do you have a full wedding calendar this year?  Are you planning any showers or other events in the coming weeks?