Bachelorette Party Basics

We've done a lot of posts about reinventing the standard bachelorette party. From wine tasting, spa days, Vegas trips, lake house weekends, we've covered about everything. The thing is, sometimes there's nothing better than the old fashioned take the bride out for drinks until she's ordering Kettle One and vodka (true story) and staggering out of the hottest new night club in town. Sometimes we just want to have wild girls night out with our besties! So here are the basics to make sure your next bachelorette party leaves you sufficiently dehydrated with a camera full of stories.

Bachelorette Gear

It is a non-negotiable that the bachelorette be decked out in gear advertising her status. NON-negosh. Sure some of this gear can be raunchy and tacky, but there's such a variety out there there is no excuse for her to feign embarrassment. If you're into drawing extra attention to your group (and who isn't on a night like this?) then also pick something up for all the other girls to wear too.


We like the idea of booking rooms for everyone in the party to stay in together. Not only does it make for a great way to get glam together and pre party like in our college days, but it makes it easy to get everyone home safely (and continue the party!). If you book online at a discount site like, and sleep 4 girls to a room it usually ends up being pretty inexpensive.

Designated Driver

If you're not lucky enough to have a pregnant bridesmaid, you're going to need a back up plan to get yourself home. All kidding aside, a designated driver is another non-negosh. Arrange a limo, party bus, or just call taxis. But PLEASE make sure before you head out for your night of debauchery, everyone has a way of getting home safely.


There's no bigger buzz-kill than a two hour wait for a table at the best restaurant in town or a line stretching around the corner of the new IT club. Whether it's for dinner or bottle service, scope out the scene before-hand and make sure you've got a reservation for where ever the group is headed.


This may or may not be your groups taste, but it definitely deserves a spot on the bachelorette basics! Bachelorette parties and sexually explicit party decor go hand in hand. Check out your local "lingerie" shop, or even Spencer's Gifts in your mall to stock up on some hilariously inappropriate favors to eat, wear or decorate with!


While the lingerie shower can be a separate event, more commonly it's combined with the bachelorette party. It's a great way to get the party started and embarrass the bride to be. And trust us, no matter how "not into that sort of the thing" the bride claims to be, we all want to be showered with pretty (or kinky) things we'll never spend the money on ourselves. ;)

As you see with just a few simple to-dos you're well on your way to throwing the perfect night the bride to be will never remember! Grab your girls, some booze and be safe out there, and don't forget to write to us and give us all the deets!

Did we forget anything? What are your go-to bachelorette party ideas?