Bachelorette Party Invitation How-to

Bachelorette season (right before wedding season - duh) is almost upon us! And to get you all psyched for the debauchery we have a free corset-inspired bachelorette party invitation tutorial.

Since bachelorette parties tend to be more laid back affairs, we often send evites instead of paper invitations. But if you have a smaller group or want to add a fun touch to the party, then this post is for you!

To start you'll need:
White card stock to print the invitation on
Black card stock
Decorative scrapbook paper for the background (we used this glitter cardstock found at Hobby Lobby and Michaels)
Glue stick
Scissors (we also used a scallop-edge scissor not shown in the picture)
Hole punch
Optional: paper cutter

1. The first step is to design the invitation using Microsoft Word or whichever design program you like best. Make sure that your invitation is 5x7 in size. We downloaded free fonts and clip art for this invitation. Since everyone's software is different we can't really be much help here - just use your imagination and Google for tips on uploading the fonts, etc.

2. Once designed, print your invitation on the white cardstock. Trim to 5x7.

3. Cut your decorative scrapbook paper to 5.5 x 7.5. This will be the background behind your invitation.

4. Cut your black card stock to 11 x 7.5. (You could keep it letter size, but we found that there was too much "background" on the top and bottom of the invite, it's up to you!)

5. Glue the decorative paper onto your black card stock. You'll want to leave about 2.75 inches on either side to fold over and create the corset.

6. Once the background is glued into place, fold the black card stock over the front of the invitation.

7. Glue the invitation onto the background.

8. Trim the top corners of the black cardstock to give a "peak" into the invitation. We wanted to trim the corners enough to show the opening line and guest of honor. We used the scalloped scissors for a girlier touch.

9. Time to create the lace-up aspect of the corset. Hole punch 5 holes along each side of the black card stock.

10. Lace up the invitation with your ribbon.

We hope you enjoyed our invitation tutorial and that it inspires you to create something special for your next party! What homemade touches have you added to your bridal festivities?