Guest Post: A Summertime Baby Shower

One of our BFF's Desiree' threw an adorable baby shower for her sister. Here are the deets!


Oh hey SASS readers! I’m Desiree’, one of the three legs that makes up (don’t click that).
Mean Girls Costumes, 2005.  BEST.  HALLOWEEN.  EVER.
About a year ago, my sister asked me to plan her baby shower for my soon-to-be niece, Kenley. I was really excited! When we started planning, we knew we wanted it to be at my aunt’s home. She has a great living space for partying, and she has a pool for any kids that hopefully were not at the party. My sister and I decided we wanted a summertime theme, and after picking the invitation we were good to go. Picking a theme and colors is what really glued this thing together; I would have been TOTALLY overwhelmed with options otherwise.


I realized from the get-go that I wanted a super cute invite that my sister would love. I also knew that said sister would fall into a fit of rage if I even considered using an evite. (Disclaimer: I’ve used evites for plenty of other occasions!)

Enter world’s cutest invitation. I put a rhinestone on the belly myself before I sent:


We decided on chicken salad sandwiches (homemade), pasta salad, and fruit salad. For desserts/sweet treats, we did a cake (one of her best friend’s made this!)

and cupcakes:

and then candy as a favor to take home. The candy bar consisted of frosted animal crackers (read: crack), pink m&ms, rock candy, and yogurt covered pretzels .  Yum!!

The Favors:

We used glass jars (pictured above) that my sister got from World Market, and they were perfect. If you’re at the age where you’re doing a lot of this, they can be a good investment. Luckily I persuaded my sister to purchase them, as I didn’t want them to “break on my drive down to Houston.”  Then I found some green ribbon with pink polka dots and candy scoops at Michael’s.

For the favor bags I used my computer to hand-make them (and my students officially learned nothing for upwards of 4 hours while I did this). If you’re not familiar with using your printer to DIY, you’re really missing out. I’ve made everything from labels to bags to party favors. You can find some super cute free fonts online and use those for everything.


We toyed with a few ideas, but eventually came down to bottled water and  Aunt Sandy’s Summer Sangria. (I may or may not have added vodka.) We had sodas in the fridge, but decided against any other fruity drinks because it started to kind of spiral out of control. At first I wanted to do pink izze to match everything, but those bad boys are like $2.00 a pop so I voted against it. 

I ordered waterproof water bottle labels off of Etsy and then found the template online. Since I was making most of the things, it was easy to use all the same fonts/colors. Naturally, Michael’s started carrying water bottle labels shortly after I researched all afternoon what exactly to buy, but whatever. (Also, I had to use Archer Farm’s water bottle from Target because you need a flat surface for the labels.)


As evidenced by most of the pictures, we stuck with a pink, green and white theme. I ordered pom poms off of Etsy to hang around the living room and kitchen. They looked crappy at first, but once you hang them they look cute (or they’re not that close to your face, who knows). I believe you can also find them at Michael’s now. Yes, I’m bitter. Yes, I get a teacher discount.

Next, one of my sister’s friends got some baby pictures of Jessica and her husband. We displayed them in some cute picture frames around the living room and kitchen. We had a separate table that had the diaper cake and a little mini scrapbook one of my student’s mom’s made! Presents as decorations?  Done.  I purchased a white table cloth to put on one of my aunt’s tables, and I’ve used it multiple times since. I know what you’re thinking. WHOA Desiree’. You really went out on a limb spending $19.99 on a white table cloth? Whatever, it seemed like a lot at the time.

Other details:

We played that game where you wrap toilet paper around mom-to-be and have guests guess how many squares it takes to cover her belly.  Then we opened presents. That was really the best part, because let’s face it: everyone likes buying girl clothes better than boys'. Everything went off without a hitch, and I succeeded in having a buzz by 1:00 PM. Tons of emails were exchanged, but what really helped is everyone having jobs. I delegated who needed to do what, and we all came together at the party. It turns out moms are really good co-hosts.



Thanks, Desiree' for sharing this adorbs baby shower that we know you stressed over for months.  Before we sign off, here's a recent pic of the ever stylin' and precious baby Kenley:

What's your favorite part of this perfectly girly summertime baby shower?