P is for...

No we don't mean P is for Party, or Pink, or Pretty or anything else G-rated that's usually associated with a bachelorette party. We mean the P that inevitably shows itself at every bachelorette party whether it's invited or not.

Before we say it, we should mention that today's post should be censored! If you are at work, or with your kids, or just plain squeamish (prude) you should probably pick back up with us on Monday. We'll give you a few seconds to make your decisj. And we'll even send you off with a pretty picture...

Pink glitter ribbon found at Michaels for $1, perfect for a bachelorette party!
Now that you've decided to stay, we would like to reiterate that you are here on your own accord and therefore please keep any comments about the tastefulness of this post to yourself. :)

We're talking about penis cake pops, people! And penis cookies! And well, any other P-related accessories that show up at these types of parties. We know you read our post on how to keep the P out of the Party here, but believe it or not even we are guilty of a little R-rated fun.

Courtesy of Jac's sister Michelle (who you've met here), we have a very special tutorial for you. An item frequently requested... penis cake pops. Take it away Michelle!


Michelle had her bachelorette party this weekend, stay tuned for more on that!

What you'll need:
- box of cake mix (red velvet to make it extra real/gross)
- can of store-bought frosting
- Candy melts (pink or chocolate... you decide!)
- lollipop sticks
- cello bags and ribbon to package them if desired

1. Make cake mix according to directions. Let cool COMPLETELY, then crumble cake into a bowl.
2. Mix crumbled cake with ¾ can cream cheese frosting.

3. Lay out a piece of parchment paper long ways. (You can cut a thin strip approximately 4 inches wide if easier.  This is to help you shape the pop).
4. Using a measuring cup, measure out ¼ cup of cake ball dough. “Smush” dough into a ball shape to squeeze out any bubbles.

5. Using the parchment paper, roll the dough under your palm until it is a tube-like shape (approximately 3 inches long). Place on a cookie sheet that is lined with parchment paper.

6. Repeat. You should be able to make about 20 pops.
7. Using a lollipop stick, press indentions into the dough to create a head. Sorry no turtle necks here…

8. VERY IMPORTANT- Once pops are shaped, place in freezer for 20-30 mins. They need to be somewhat stiff (hehe) or they will break in half when you dip them!!
9. Melt your candy chips (I used one 14 oz bag) in the microwave in a deep bowl. The more chips you use and the deeper your bowl, the easier these pops will be to dip. I also recommend using Lollipop sticks – they are a little longer for this big cake pop!
10. Remove pops from freezer and press stick into pop (try and go as far up as possible to help support the weight of the dough). Once you dip pop, tap it on the side of your dip bowl to help the excess chocolate drip off.

11. Lay on parchment paper to dry. ***I do not recommend using a block to dry these pops vertically. I tried that initially and because the cake is so heavy it pulled the pop down the stick!
12. Use cello bags and ribbon for a pretty finish.


Trust us, Michelle has made these more than once and was more than happy to share what she learned. Thanks for the freebie, Michelle!

And just because, here's another version of weiner-shaped treats for your viewing pleasure that you won't find on our Baked Treats page (done in purple leopard print per the bridesmaids request).

Don't be shy, what creative ways have you put the P in your bachelorette party?