Bachelorette Party Crafts

While recently planning a bachelorette party, we were shocked to find out how much bachelorette party decor can cost! Bachelorette tiara - $15, pimp cup - $25, veil - $20, etc. Can you see how quickly this all adds up? Reality check - you do not have to spend all that money to make the bachelorette feel special! Here are some easy crafts to help reduce your costs.

Pimp Cup

Whether you make them just for the bride herself or everyone attending, this is an easy craft that's tons of fun. You'll need:

  • a cup - we found these plastic wine glasses at Target, but you can use glass too.
  • spray paint - an oil based paint so that the paint doesn't drip when it condensates. We used Krylon acrylic spray in Sterling Silver, it also comes in gold. It can be found in the spray paint section of your craft store.
  • paint pens - again, oil based! These can get a little pricey, try to pick out two colors and leave it at that.
  • jewels - you can use self adhesive ones or get a set of loose jewels to glue on.
  • Elmer's glue to adhere the jewels
  • Optional - Acrylic gloss finishing spray
To get started, spray paint your cup (outdoors!) upside down on a piece of newspaper. Two light coats will work better than one thick coat. Let the paint dry completely between coats, and before you begin decorating.

Now you can get creative with your paint pens. Write nicknames, the wedding date, the bride-to-be's future married name, etc.

Once the paint pens have dried, begin bedazzling! You can use a hot glue gun, but we find that a little drop of Elmer's glue works perfectly. Just make sure to hold it in place for a second so it doesn't slip down the cup.

Get some crazy straws and you've got yourself a pimp cup!

Water Bottle Labels

Water bottle labels are a great way to personalize any party. The problem is, like with many detailed party touches, that it can get expesnive. Here is an easy alternative to purchasing water bottle labels, and will cost you just cents!

You'll need:
Water bottles (Target's brand Archer Farm bottles work best)
Strips of paper cut to 1.75 inches tall and 8.5 inches long
Heavy, clear packaging tape

First design your label. You can do this in Word like we did, using a text box that is the size above. You can even make the labels using scrap book paper, or stickers. Again, idea is to just get creative with personalization.

Once your label is designed and cut to size, remove all labels from your water bottles. Cut a strip of tape just longer than your 8.5 inch label and tape the label face on the sticky side. You can work out air bubbles later. There will be a little room on the top and bottom of the label as well as on the ends.

As evenly as you can, roll the label onto the water bottle.

Hopefully, your ends will match up relatively well on the backside of the bottle. We can't promise that these are completely waterproof, but as long as they stay out of a bucket of water they work just as well as the fancy expensive labels!

Goodie Bags

Remember goodie bags from when you were younger? Designed just to keep you from crying while the birthday girl opened all her presents in front of you. Well, amazingly this works well for adults too. These tokens of appreciation for attending the party don't have to cost much - check out these that we created for a recent bachelorette party.

Everything in our goodie bag was under $1:
Hot pink nail polish - Target $1
Pink polka dot emory board - Target 3 for $1
Pink manicure kit - Dollar General $1
Pink lei - Party City $1
Pink magnetic note pads - Target $1
Tiara and giant ring - Hobby Lobby (princess party section)
Personalized Water Bottle

Baked Treats

You know what kind we're talking about, and if you don't just click HERE! Or, you can always contact us to come up with something personalized at a great price!

We hope y'all have fun DIY-ing your next bachelorette bash! Just remember, you are not limited to what you find in the "naughty" section at Spencer's Gifts. What are your favorite bachelorette crafts?