Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

Our entire blog is devoted to helping bridesmaids throw special showers and pre-wedding festivities for the bride-to-be.  So quite frankly - it's time for payback!

For all you brides out there finalizing the last-minute details for your wedding, here are some ideas for the ever important bridesmaid thank you gifts.  If your bridesmaids have heeded any of the advice we dish out, then you'll want to make sure these gifts are pretty darn good (if we do say so ourselves).

1. Jewelry.  You might be thinking that that is a pretty standard gift idea, but it doesn't have to be.  Instead of sticking with traditional pearls or matching jewelry for the wedding day, give your girls unique statement necklaces that match their personalities and can be worn with more casual attire after the wedding.  (This also happens to be something we both did for our bridesmaids.)

2. Travel gear. This might sound too practical, but everyone loves an excuse for a new tote bag or toiletry holder.  Get your girls monogrammed bags from Thirty One or Vera Bradley totes.  Throw in a brightly colored toiletry organizer, and they will be all set for your next girls weekend.

3. Monogram necklaces. Even if your girls are all set for wedding day accessories, jewelry always makes for a great gift.  We love the idea of monogrammed necklaces, like these custom charms on Etsy.  If you want to get something more high-end, Tiffany also sells cute letter charms, and everyone loves to receive that little blue box.

Etsy Charm/Tiffany Necklace

4. Beach accessories. If your wedding is in the spring or summer, beach or pool accessories make for a great gift.  No one wants to spend upwards of $15 for a quality beach towel.  But as a gift?  Don't mind if I do.  You can do an entire beach theme with high-quality sunscreen, flip flops, funky sunglasses, pool cover-ups, and even some fruity snacks and drinks.

5.  BOOZE.  Speaking of beverages, what about spoiling your maids with some gifts of the alcoholic variety?  Mini champagne bottles, their favorite wine, and maybe some fun mixers.  We've even seen some cute insulated coolers online that you can use as a gift bag.  You've basically paid for their Friday night, and that's a gift we can all appreciate.

6. Restaurant gift cards. Much like booze, we don't really know anyone who doesn't enjoy the gift of food.  We think this is a particularly cute idea if your bridesmaids come from different cities.  Look online for top-rated restaurants in their hometowns, and buy them a gift certificate for a night out on you.

7. Beauty products. You know those makeup sets that they sell at Ulta and Sephora that always seem like so much fun to try but pointless to buy?  It turns out these make for perfect gifts!  Stock your girls with some new eyeshadows, lip glosses, body lotions and nail polishes.  Everyone loves to pamper themselves.

Sephora Makeup  Palette

8.  Massages/Spa Treatments.  If you'd rather pay someone else to pamper your maids, buy them gift certificates for massages, mani/pedis or facials.  This is something you could even do as an outing all together to show your appreciation for all their love and support.

9. Lounge Clothes.  This is another popular choice by a lot of brides. Matching sweatsuits make for cute pictures, and the zippered hoodie works well if you're getting your hair done.  You can also get each girl a nightgown or cute sleepwear if you don't want to go for the matching theme.

Bridesmaid gifts from Ruthie Hart

10.  Personalized gifts.  Though it's a bit narcissistic, we all love to receive gifts personalized with our names or initials.  Order some custom stationery for your girls or more practical return address stamps.  You can find loads of customizable goodies on Etsy, Marley Lilly or stores like Swoozies.  An afternoon of internet surfing at work will lead you to a variety of unique finds.

Monogrammed totes from 31

So we know what you're thinking - how much are you supposed to pay?  Not to sound eye-for-an-eye, but it sort of depends on the nature of your nuptials.  Have your girls had to travel for your bachelorette party?  Did they throw you a kick a$$ bridal shower?  Were your dresses $500?  If your festivities have been over the top, you should probably show your appreciation with an over-the-top gift.

In general, we think somewhere in the neighborhood of $75-$150 per bridesmaid is probably average - so don't let this expense sneak up on you at the end!  And don't forget - if your bridesmaids throw you a shower, it's customary to give a separate hostess gift on that day, but something much smaller should suffice.

And lastly, when should you bestow these treasures upon your maids?  We think the rehearsal dinner is the optimal time.  You've come to the end of your special engagement, and now it's time to turn the tables and make your girls feel extra special.  If you'd prefer to give them their gifts in a more private setting, your bachelorette party is another option (as long as non-bridesmaids aren't in attendance). 

What are some bridesmaid gifts you've given or received?  What do you think is an appropriate amount to spend?