The Restaurant Baby Shower

The majority of our posts here on SASS are about throwing showers at  home, but when our friend Michelle told us she was throwing a baby shower at La Madeleine we knew we had to feature it.

Throwing a shower at a restaurant doesn't mean you  have to spend a ton of money.  La Madeleine gives you the option of booking a private room as long as you spend a minimum of $100,* which is obviously very easy to do.  Typically it's alcohol that will kill your budget for a restaurant event.  Since an afternoon baby shower doesn't generally involve heavy intakes of booze (although we're not judging you if it does), you can pull it off without breaking the bank.  So, you could argue that throwing a shower at a budget-friendly restaurant could cost you the same as an at-home shower, with a whole lot less work.

Plus, La Madeleine even let Michelle bring in her own desserts!  She ordered these adorable monogrammed cupcakes from a local bakery to serve at the end of the shower:

And then she hired yours trulies (how do you make that plural?) to make some monogram cookies as favors.  How cute are lowercase Es? 

If you're looking for favors for your next event, we can package our cookies in individual bags.  Contact us today!

There are also plenty of ways to still add personal touches to the restaurant shower.  Michelle hung onesies and bibs over one of the tables, and she used fabric similar to the baby's nursery to jazz up the tables.

She also used the mom-to-be's new baby book as a guest book near the entrance:

Gifts also serve as great decor!  Michelle is a rep for Thirty One and you can order adorable monogrammed diaper bags (and all kinds of goodies) from her site.  Be sure to check it out!  They make for great gifts.

According to Michelle, the biggest benefit of the restaurant shower is you don't have to clean!  Doesn't it just suck when you clean your house for days to get ready for your party, and then when everyone leaves you spend the rest of the day cleaning up after them?  The great part about throwing a shower at a restaurant is a little thing called BUS BOYS.

So tell us - have you ever thrown a shower at a restaurant?  What did you like/not like about it?  How did the costs compare to throwing a shower at home? 

*This info was based on Michelle's experience.  Please contact your local  La Madeleine for up-to-date rates.