What to Wear to a Shower

We know the feeling of putting weeks of effort into planning a shower, and then the day before you remember you have NOTHING to wear.  If you’re staring into your closet like a confused grandma, we are here to the rescue. 

Simply put – wear a dress.  Although you might wake up on Saturday morning and wish you had something more exciting going on than watching your friend open dish towels at 2 in the afternoon, it’s still a special occasion.  Showers are also very girly events, and you don’t want to be the girl who shows up looking butch.

Emily's monogram shower

We live in Texas, so yes, it’s easy for us to say.  But even when we attend showers in the winter, we still manage to scrounge up a sweater dress, long-sleeve wrap dress, or just a skirt with tights.  

We don’t really think jeans are ever appropriate for a shower.  The one exception might be if it’s a couples shower thrown at night that’s more like a party.  Still, we think showers are cause to dress up.

Some tips for the guest of honor -

•    Wear what makes you feel good!  Don’t worry if you’re too dressed up, too summery, too whatever.  It’s your day, so pick out your favorite dress and own it.  

•    Don’t wear anything that you wore in your engagement photos.  You already have tons of pics in those outfits, which your guests have likely seen, so use this as an excuse to buy something new (duh).

Tips for the guests and hostesses -
•    If you think your dress might be too dressy for a daytime event, dress it down with wedges or flats.

•    If the shower has a theme, go with it.  Don’t be a party pooper.

Hawaiian Shower / Perfectly Pink Baby Shower
•    If you are worried that your dress might be too boring or plain, jazz it up with some fun accessories.
•    Don’t wear white.  The bride might not even be planning on wearing white, but it’s still the color associated with her.  Don’t steal any of her attention away, no matter how much you want to look like a virgin.

Jacquelyn's bridal shower
 And the best piece of advice - allow yourself plenty of time to get ready!  You won’t regret that.

What are your favorite outfits for showers?