Easter Cookies

Can you believe it's already April?  Although we had a blast this year working on Valentine's and St. Patrick's Day cookies, we were admittedly a little tired of working with just one shape.  But behold, Easter is now upon us and with that comes bunnies and chicks and eggs, oh my!

Easter is just one of those holidays where the possibilities are endless.  Who knew you could do so much with a simple egg-shaped cookie cutter?

Here's a closer look at some of our other shapes.

Crosses - perfect for Easter, but also for christenings or baptisms.

Bunnies - jumping bunnies, mini bunnies, and bunny faces.


If you're interested in placing an order for Easter cookies, contact us today.  The full assortment of Easter cookies is $25 per dozen, including tax.  (Price does not include shipping.)  We are happy to work with all budgets and can offer suggestions for less expensive packages as well.

What are your favorite Easter traditions?