Guest Post: Pink and Zebra Baby Shower

Today we are super excited to share this adorable pink baby shower with TONS of homemade touches. Nikol from Who's Austin featured this baby shower on her blog, and we knew we had to ask her to guest post.  Take it away Nikol!


Sweet and Sour readers, I can’t tell you how excited I am to be a guest on Leah and Jac’s blog! I’m Nikol from Who’s Austin  here to share with you some baby shower crafts.

My sister Page Douglas hosted the most amazing baby shower in California for our sweet cousin Tiffany. Some background info about Tiffany and her husband: they’re complete rockstars. They lived in Hollywood for several years and Tiff’s husband toured the country as a singer in a band a couple years ago. To stick to their rockstar lifestyle, Page threw some sassy zebra prints into the shower’s girly pink color scheme. Totally Tiffany. Totally perfect.

Here’s the inspiration for the shower’s zebra theme. Tiffany’s rockstar, custom-designed shower cake, made by the talented Michelle Dearinger Fabbri.

Page’s forte when it comes to planning events is making sure it’s interactive. She always has great game ideas or ways to get everyone involved. One activity at the shower was a photo booth! Guests could write their advice to the parents-to-be.

DIY Photo Booth Ribbon Backdrop

What you’ll need:
10-12 spools of pink ribbon (5+yards of ribbon on each spool, vary the design and thickness of the ribbon)

  1. Start with a 6-foot long piece of 2-inch-thick ribbon.
  2. Cut the rest of your ribbon into 2 ½ to 3-feet long pieces
  3. Begin tying the pieces onto the original 6-foot long ribbon.
  4. Tie pieces until the 6-foot long piece is full.
  5. Hang with tape against a wall
Check out everyone’s advice on photographer Patrick Ang’s blog.

This picture was taken after the “Guess how many onesies” game, so the glass bowl is empty. Originally it was filled with the onesies next to it. This was a great way to break the ice with all the guests. The jar was passed around and everyone had to guess how many were in there.

Guess How Many Onesies Game
What you’ll need:
A glass jar
A ton of onesies- we used 19 (these can double as a gift to the mom-to be!)

We passed around a sheet of paper, writing down our names and guesses of how many onesies were in the glass jar. The winner got a small gift and Tiffany got to take home a bunch of awesome new onesies for her baby girl.

The purse game! This is a favorite in our family. We played it at the bridal shower I hosted for Page when she was married two years ago and had to bring it back for Tiffany’s baby shower. You get points for items in your purse. The person with the most points wins!

More shower activities: prayer cards that each guest could fill out. The card had space where you could write a prayer for baby Scarlett. For example, I pray that you grow _____, I pray that you love ______, I pray that you learn _______.

The hit of the party was the candy bar. When the shower was wrapping up, guests stopped by this table to grab some treats for the road in pink and gray chevron goodie bags. Those circus animal cookies and homemade cake pops were a hot commodity!

Candy bar tips
  1. Draw how you want the candy jars arranged to save time during the set-up. We were crunched for time and Page already had a sketch of how the jars should be arranged. This comes in handy when you have helpers who don’t know what your vision is.
  2. Get the glass jars at the 99 cent store. They have amazing glasses that are different shapes for a buck each. Awesome steal.
  3. Put the name of each candy in a tiny frame to spruce up the table.
A couple other party details:

  • Mason jar cups with adorable pink and gray sipping straws.
  • A diaper cake! This was Page’s pride and joy. Not only is it adorable, but it survived the three-hour car ride to Tiffany’s house!
  • A frame with Luke, Tiffany and baby Scarlett’s name at the present table.

It was a lovely shower with beautiful decorations. Kudos to my sister Page for her incredible work. Page- you were the ultimate rockstar.

Page Douglas - party planner extraordinaire, decorations
Patrick Ang - photographer
Amber Hayslett-Fernandes - hair and makeup for mom-to-be Tiffany
Michelle Dearinger Fabbri - cake  


Thanks, Nikol!  We absolutely love this shower and can tell how much work your sister put in.  Who could believe those glass jars came from the Dollar Store?!  And of course we love the photo booth.  Looks like a huge success!