Welcome Bags

Welcome Bags

In the days of wedding-mania (that’s these days people, just turn on E! or We or Style Network if you doubt us) it’s easy for the your wedding guests to feel like they might not be as important as the flower arrangements on their tables. And sadly, sometimes they’re right in feeling that way! We write a lot about how to thank and appreciate your guests and wedding party and that’s because, frankly, besides the groom they are the most important of the event. You wouldn’t be serving a 5 course dinner on bedazzled charger plates to no one, right? You get the point.

So in continuing our blogger soapbox of expressing thanks to your guests, we bring you a quick post about welcome bags. Let’s start by saying, this is not a must-do, especially if it’s not in the budget. But if you have some wiggle room and some creativity, it can really be a special touch that your guests will remember. The welcome bag is typically delivered to the hotel rooms of your out of town guests. It contains what we will refer to below as The Essentials and The Extras.

The Essentials

Water Bottles

Why is it that free, delicious water is either impossible to find in a hotel or $6 a bottle? We’re not above sticking our head under the tap but wouldn’t it be nice if there were a bottle or two in the room waiting for you, free of charge? You can even use this opportunity to make a custom label (see our tutorial here). Keep in mind if there are 2 people in the room you should include 2 bottles.


Anything from trail mix to a piece of fruit.  It’s just the thought that when your guests arrive off a long flight, or after a late night at the R-dinner, they can have something to munch on.  



Yes you probably gave them this information in your invitation or on your website, but if you can cheaply print extra copies it would be good to include them in the guest bags. The fewer excuses you can give them to be late or lost the better.

Thank you note

It can be generic, but it should be hand-written. Including a short note welcoming the guests and thanking them for celebrating your big day goes a long way.

The Extras

Some local flair

We’re sure those of you not from Austin or Texas are so sick our local-love!  But some extras from your city could be a really fun way for your guests to experience the region and take it home with them. This Texas themed bag included the bride and groom’s favorite chips and salsa, locally distilled Vodka, Texas decorated cookies, and a post card.

Homemade Treats

Ok so we’re partial to a little homemade goodness, but who wouldn’t love some freshly made chocolate chip cookies waiting for them in their hotel room?

In-room activities

A little bride/groom word search or a deck of cards just for fun.



If you live a particularly touristy town you could include some brochures or maps to local museums, festivals or restaurants.  You can usually get items like this for free from a hotel concierge or the city Chamber of Commerce.


Use your imagination! There are no right or wrong Welcome Bags, just have fun with it!