The Ultimate Bachelorette Viewing Party

In honor of tonight's premiere of Emily Maynard on the Bachelorette, we've joined forces with the king of reality television  himself to plan the ultimate viewing party. 

No, we're not talking about Ryan Seacrest, Ty Pennington or even Chris Harrison.  Nope, we're talking about Evan from TV My Wife Watches.

We've been dedicated to the Bachelor and Bachelorette since the dawn of time, sticking it out through Bob Guiney, Lorenzo Borghese, and even an Officer and a Gentleman.  But it was all worth it when our fellow Austinite Brad Womack starred on the show not once but TWICE.

No, we don't actually know him but we did like to creep around his bars.

We don't really care that things didn't work out with Brad and Emily because it just means we have a solid 10 weeks of pure television gold ahead of us.

So if you're trying to get your peeps together for a night of snacks, booze, and good ol' fashioned Bachelorette smack talk, check out our email exchange on TV My Wife Watches to plan the ultimate viewing party.  He even has a preview of all the dudes today.  Be sure to follow his blog while you're there.  We've been pimping this guy for a while now, so it's time he crosses that 50-follower mark!