Fathers Day Cookies

Have you ever had a guy tell you he wasn't that into sweets?  Well, we think that's a giant crock of BS, so we whipped up some fun and "manly" sugar cookies this Father's Day to celebrate the dads in our lives!

For the golfers out there, we made a variety of golf themed cookies - from tiny golf balls to preppy clothes and even putting greens, these cookies are sure to please the most avid players.

For the real man's man, these cookies should do the trick.  What dad wouldn't appreciate some beer mugs, bbq grills and remote controls?  It's basically a trifecta of manly treats.

And lastly, for the more traditional dad, some neckties.  If your dad is tired of getting another tie for Fathers Day this year, why not take the edible approach? 

We hope all the dads out there have a fantastic Fathers Day!