Ladybug 1st Birthday Party

This weekend we had the pleasure of attending the 1st birthday party for little miss Joslyn.  Joslyn's mommy Alyssa has always had a thing for ladybugs, so we knew just the thing to whip up for this party.

We had a blast  making these pink and brown ladybug cookies, and the guests really enjoyed them too!

Plus, one of Alyssa's relatives made this fabulous 2-tier cake, complete with Joslyn's very own "smash" cake on top.

Forgive the terrible iPhone pictures, but Alyssa made a bunting with pictures of Joslyn over the last 12 months.  She is posed with a stuffed ladybug so you can see her growth over the months.  Then on the mantle, there are even pictures of Joslyn dressed in a ladybug tutu!

The birthday girl is quite a diva (just like her mama!), so you knew her outfit was going to be over the top.  She started out in this fuschia and green dress made by Alyssa herself.  Check out her site - Cheeky Couture Boutique!  Then halfway through the party, the guest of honor did a costume change in preparation for the cake-eating event of the century.

 Turns out Jos was a complete lady and didn't even make a mess of her second outfit!

Once again, these cookies for kids turned out adorable and were tons of fun to make.  Keep us in mind for you next birthday party!