Elephant Baby Shower

We have been looking forward to this particular post for so long because this baby shower was held in honor of our very own Jacquelyn - cake ball queen, cookie extraordinaire and now mom-to-be!

Jacquelyn is expecting a baby boy in September and decided to decorate the nursery with an elephant theme.  Lucky for us, this theme translated easily and adorably (if we do say so ourselves) to the shower.

To start, here's a look at the invitation we used.  We really wanted it to match the nursery's color scheme of blue, gray and white, and we were thrilled when we found this one.  Check out the back - we love that it has the mom's due date!

We had a veritable dream team of hostesses, so it was easy to divide and conquer.  Here is a photo dump of everything that made this shower so special.

The Decor

The food table had a centerpiece of fresh flowers and crystal elephants, and a backdrop of paper rosettes.  The centerpiece on the gift table was the adorable elephant-themed diaper cake.  We also had a display of the mom and dad's baby pictures over the fireplace, elephants on the mirror, and a bunting with onesie stickers.  We framed the invitation and this cute (free!) printable we found online.  Throw in a few Chinese lanterns outside and you've got yourself a pretty festive atmosphere.

The Food

Some of the recipes we used included crab meat quiche (in mini form), caprese skewers and strawberry bruschetta, but we also had more manly items like ribs and even a Chick-Fil-A nugget tray.  We also used these cute cups from Party City to serve vanilla yogurt with berries and a sprig of basil.

The Drinks
For drinks we had lemonade, beer, and white sangria.  Here's the (delicious) recipe -

1 bottle of champagne
2 cups white grape juice
8 oz peach schnapps
1 cup club soda (or more/less depending on how you want it to taste)
berries for garnish

The Treats
The dessert table included cake balls made by Jacquelyn's sister with tiny elephant faces and baby footprints (talent runs in the family), and an assortment of elephant cookies made by yours truly.  We also ordered a really special cake - one of the few things we didn't DIY!  The favors were small elephant cookies with a gift tag from Baby Hudson.

The Games
When everyone arrived, we had a jar full of onesies for the guests to guess the amount.  Since this was a couples shower, we also had the boys drink beer out of baby bottles.  It's a great way to get them involved, and it's actually much harder than it looks.  

The last game we played was gift bingo.  Since guys aren't typically as interested in the gift portion of any shower, this was an entertaining way to keep them halfway engaged.  As prizes, we had large plastic yard glasses filled with M&Ms - an inexpensive, cute and delicious treat that was highly sought after.

Before we sign off, a pic of the cutest pregnant lady you will ever see –